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Welcome to Duprey Studio Recordings
When it comes to your music, there might be nothing more important than letting it reach its full potential. At Duprey Studio Recordings, we can work with you to guarantee that each moment of every song is the best it can be. Situated in Dallas, TX, we have a deep insight in the business of music, as well as an instinctual work ethic centered on the creativity of our clients. Our engineers have keen ears and will work with you while recording or mixing to ensure that your songs are embellished with perfect dynamics. We are able to work from start to finish on a project to ensure that your song or album comes out exactly as you would like. In addition to our full-scale projects, we are also happy to flesh out an existing project through editing or mixing. We will cut takes, or bring out parts using our state-of-the-art interface and compressors to guarantee that your music surpasses your wildest expectations. Whether you are just finishing your writing, or need a final pass through of your recorded material, we will help you finish your next big thing. Our rooms are expertly designed to facilitate incredible tonality on your live recordings. Our space will ensure that the need for digital enhancement will be at a constant minimum. Our formidable selection of rentable gear can suit your needs no matter which genre you are working in. With the help of our sagely staff, we can get your recording with the most optimal gear for your specific and unique sound.

Duprey Studio Recordings
2474 Manana Dr, Suite 115 Dallas, TX 75220 US
Phone: 214-980-2385 Website: http://dupreystudiorecordings.com/

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Audio Recording

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As most musicians know, not every take is perfect from start to finish, but oftentimes every take has some magic inside of it. At Duprey Studio Recordings, we use editing to take the best of the best throughout your recording sessions and ensure that you capture all of the magic you make. We use...

Music Mixing

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Duprey Studio Recordings
2474 Manana Dr, Suite 115Dallas, TX75220US
Phone: 214-980-2385 Email: yd@dupreystudiorecordings.com Website: http://dupreystudiorecordings.com/;