Opening September 15th, 2014

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What can effect pricing?

Hourly and flat fee rates vary from project to project.   Variables include... 

Project budget 
Length of session
Number of sessions
Number of members
Special requests

Booking A Session

Call Yaschua @ (214) 980 - 2385 
or email
to set up a session.  Prices are unique to each project, so a few questions about the session will be asked before getting a quote.

Duprey Studio Recordings is a music recording studio in Dallas, providing professional tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering. Recording in Dallas will never be the same, because our recording studio delivers perfection and quality music and vocal recordings at affordable rates. Founded in Southern California in 2005 by musician/engineer Yaschua Duprey, we plan to grow and create success with the talented recording artists in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton area.  For years we had the pleasure of working with up-and-coming to established recording artists in a comfortable and creative recording environment. We provide a variety of audio services from tracking to mixing to mastering. High quality, affordability, and relationship building drive our recording studio, working with you as a team to give the world professionally captured music.

Duprey Studio Recordings
2474 Manana Dr, Suite 115 Dallas, TX 75220 US
Phone: 214-980-2385 Website:

Music Recording in Dallas


Discounted studio rates for all tracking and audio mixing!

Dallas Recording Studio

Duprey Studio Recordings
2474 Manana Dr, Suite 115Dallas, TX75220US
Phone: 214-980-2385 Email: Website:;